All anxieties can be helped with hypnosis and in some cases exceptionally quickly.

Anxiety is that feeling of unease, worry or fear, which can range from mild to severe. It may relate to having a big event approaching, problems with income, a medical test or sitting an exam. These types of anxiety are quite normal and caused by our amazing subconscious telling us to be ready or strong for something up and coming.

Then there are others that have life-anxieties. They are aware that we live on a piece of grit, spinning through the universe at well over 60,000 miles per hour, and all we can do is hold on. These come into the ‘what’s life all about?’ anxieties, but they are fair and reasoned.

The clients we therapists normally see are people that have anxiety for no apparent reason. They can wake up sweating, breathing heavily, weighed down with nameless worry. They may find it difficult to enter a room with people already in it, even something as normal as supermarket shopping can seem impossible.

We often ask our clients whose suffering from anxiety can have lasted for 20 years or more, “Tell me, has anything ever actually happened?” and the answer is always, “Well…no, not really.”

Here’s the good news. We can fix that together – and it’s not too difficult.


Is your current relationship in trouble? Are you struggling to overcome the breakdown of a relationship? Hypnotherapy can help you to move forward in a positive way.


If you are afflicted by constant, underlying feelings of sadness that stop you enjoying life and mean that you avoid all the activities that might bring you happiness, hypnotherapy can create a breakthrough that will allow you to lead your life to the full.


Do you have a fear that is triggered by a particular situation or object for example flying, injections, birds or clowns. Simple phobias such as a fear of heights or spiders usually start during childhood whereas complex phobias like fear connected with social events tend to start later, often during puberty. If you are seeking a solution to a phobia, this is often very straightforward with a course of hypnotherapy.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Are you experiencing unwelcome thoughts, images, urges, worries or doubts (obsessions) that make you feel very anxious or uncomfortable? Do you engage in repetitive activities (compulsions) to reduce your anxiety, such as checking whether a door is locked or the oven is switched off? Do you have to arrange items in a particular order and constantly repeat the process? If these behaviours are interfering with your daily life, hypnotherapy can often resolve them.

Family Dynamics

Are you experiencing conflict with your parents, children or siblings? Hypnotherapy can smooth your path and give you strategies to prevent the eruption of outbursts.

Trauma (PTSD)

PTSD strikes after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event or serious injury. Symptoms usually begin with three months of the traumatic event but in some cases they begin years afterwards and may include flashbacks or nightmares which can feel like you are reliving the fear and anxiety you experienced at the time. PTSD can severely impair your ability to function in family life or within society. Hypnotherapy can alleviate these symptoms and bring you some peace.

Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe and frightening physical responses. They can often occur for no apparent reason and sometimes fear of having a panic attack can itself trigger an attack. If you would like to find a route out of this vicious circle, hypnotherapy may be your solution.

Covid-19 Anxiety Syndrome

This has been identified by researchers at Bath University as a distinct syndrome. Symptoms include a heightened state of worry, excessive symptom checking and avoidance of public spaces due to fears about contamination. If you would like to be free from these constraints, hypnotherapy can help you.

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