The Swan Protocol

Bob’s renowned technique now taught and used around the world​

If you are a working therapist who follows Bob, you will undoubtedly know of his work and his renowned technique, now taught and used in over 85 countries across the world: The Swan.

Every protocol in the world, whether it’s hypnosis or psychology or indeed any form of medicine is in fact a construct.
That is that they were all initially an idea in the minds of men and women which contained various subjective elements, which could be built upon in order to develop a set of procedures which, when properly adhered to, could deliver real empirical evidence through positive results repeated many times.

Indeed Bob Burns argues that every single thing in this world is ‘a construct’.

Except for… 
The Swan!
 Bob is known as ‘the therapist’s therapist’ as every week he delivers sessions to clinical hypnotists from around the world, and he now gets people doing online sessions with him in order to learn why The Swan is not like any other protocol and how THEY too can learn how to do it!

And here Bob actually explains why The Swan is more than a construct. That is… how it actually came from somewhere else!

In The Shop you can buy the book Real or Imagined, the fascinating story of where The Swan actually came from and how it went on to be used by therapists in now more than 85 countries around the world.

You can also purchase instant downloads teaching The Swan and The Swan Speaks, taking you into much deeper areas into what Bob calls: Direct Voice, allowing you to hear communications from within!
 (Although as we said, all downloads and ‘signed books’ can be purchased from the Shop, if you are outside the UK the books can only now be purchased on Amazon, simply because we have noticed that ‘world mail’ is not as good a service as it was pre-covid, but with Amazon it is guaranteed to get there)

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