Past Life Regression

Lifeline Hypnotherapy would like to make clear that Past Life Regression (PLR) is in no way linked to the normal practice of hypnoanalysis or any other form of therapeutic hypnosis.

For many years I had no interest in PLR. Then in 1978 I was given ‘Life before Life’ by Helen Wambach1. I found the book fascinating and then, as an experiment of my own, I agreed to do some sessions for a group from a local women’s institute.

The results for me were in truth, unconvincing, since as a psychotherapist, I am aware of just how wonderfully imaginative the mind can be.

However, for most of the participants it was fascinating and several called it ‘life changing’.

The huge thing for me as a therapist, was to find that the sessions were actually highly therapeutic, with many of the participants working out for themselves how these happenings, real or imagined, had a direct correlation with their lives in the here and now. This, for a therapist, was of course intriguing. After that I decided to investigate PLR’s claims.

Lifeline Hypnotherapy makes no claims that it understands PLR, only, that in our experience it can bring many benefits to the participant.

We have never yet been able to disprove another’s claims that they have lived before. The important thing is to be open and understand that: ‘No one person possesses the true map of life’s terrain.’

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