Weight Loss

We often tend to people who want to experience more satisfaction, joy, resiliency in their lives. Other times people fell down, unexcited about life, happiness and just want to stop feeling that way. General areas we address.

Are you seeking to get out of the repetitive pattern of weight loss, weight gain, all of which is outside your conscious control? Hypnotherapy can break the cycle and start you on the route to physical wellbeing.

Most weight loss clients follow standard advice on diet and exercise and may find it effective for a time. Unfortunately, even those who achieve their weight loss goals find that their weight starts to steadily climb once again when they return to what they think is eating ‘normally.’

Other clients believe that they cannot even attempt to lose weight because they are prevented through obesity or other health issues from taking what is considered an essential part of a weight loss programme, which is exercise.

However, the most recent expert professional advice is that exercise, whilst being beneficial to your overall health is not necessary for weight loss. “Being physically active is good for your physical and mental health and also helps to maintain a healthy weight. However, the evidence shows the most effective way of losing weight is to reduce calorie intake through a healthy balanced diet.” says Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Public Health England. While Dr Asseem Malhotra, cardiologist adviser to the National Obesity Forum, goes further: “We know exercising in the right way has many health benefits but weight loss isn’t one of them,” he states.

So, to get out of this eternal cycle of weight loss, weight gain, lack of ability to exercise and resulting poor health outcomes, all of which is outside your conscious control, give hypnotherapy a try and start on the route to physical wellbeing.

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